TRC News: The Revit Collection Standards

Below are the standards that all models at The Revit Collection are built to. For a thorough explanation of each of these click here.

1.       Visibility

a. Furniture is visible in all views when the view is set to fine detail level only.

b. Fixtures are visible in all detail levels.

c. Families are represented by symbolic lines and/or masking regions in plan views.

d. Families are represented exactly as they are modeled in elevation, section, and 3-d views.

2.       Placement in Revit projects

a. All families begin as a generic face-based family. If you don’t know the multiple ways to place a face based family into a Revit project, watch the multiple videos on this topic at our YouTube page.

3.       Dimensions

a. All families are built and sized as accurately as possible according to the manufacturers provided specifications.

4.       Materials

a. All families have Material Parameters for every different object that can have a material assigned to it according to the manufacturer.

b. All families have no actual materials assigned within the family.

c. Material Parameters may be Instance or Type parameters.

5.       Identity Information

a. When possible, all families contain Manufacturer info, website, and product website pages or cut sheet links.

6.       Revit modeling methods only

a. All families are created with Revit modeling methods only. No substitutes for Revit modeling will be made via imported AutoCAD, Sketchup, or similar outside modeling platform files.